Pascal Press

What's Our Secret?

At first glance, you may think Pascal Press is 'just another French Press'. But when you take a closer look, you can see Pascal Press is so much more.

Pascal Press' ability to deliver a portable coffee with uncompromised quality comes from the patented flow-tube design. During the press, pressure is generated inside the outer cup by the plunger. The pressure forces the water through the coffee grounds, extracting lots of flavor in a short amount of time. Pascal's Law then steps in and the pressure forces the brewed coffee up through the central flow-tube leaving the coffee grounds behind.

Unlike a French Press, the coffee grounds and brewed coffee are completely separated. The brewing process stops after the press and you don't have to worry about your coffee overbrewing if you don't drink it fast enough. With Pascal Press, the coffee you press is the coffee you taste, no matter how long your adventures lasts!

Brewing Your Coffee


Place the filter plate and flow tube assembly into outer cup.


Secure the flow tube in the outer cup by pushing down firmly.


Add in 20g of freshly ground medium grind coffee on top of the filter plate. 


Pour in hot water and let the coffee steep. We recommend adding 12oz of water, stirring the grounds, then letting it steep for at least 1 minute. Pascal Press can brew up to 14oz of coffee. Use the top of the grip as the max-fill line when adding water.


Brewing Tips!

We recommend using 20g of coffee with a medium grind size but you are welcome to experiment with the amount of coffee and the grind size. You can use the fill line at the bottom of the outer cup to make sure you don’t add too much coffee. Generally, as the grind becomes finer, the force required to press becomes greater. If you find that the press is too difficult, try setting your grinder to a coarser setting.

Cleaning Up


Once you have finished your coffee, cleaning your Pascal Press is as easy as brewing. Unscrew the top lid and pull out the inner cup.


The grounds will be dried and compressed into a puck on top of the filter. Remove the filter plate using the flow tube as a handle.


Simply tap off the grounds over a garbage or compost bin. Give the filter plate a quick rinse and you are ready to brew again!


Helpful Videos!


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