Pascal Press

From Idea to Reality

Pascal Press was invented by Alan Kalbfleisch, a Mechanical Engineer with a Master's Degree in Thermofluids Engineering. While working on his Master's degree, Alan became fascinated by the coffee brewing process and began experimenting with home brewing techniques to make the perfect cup of coffee. He was satisfied by the coffee quality he could acheive at home but found the options for on-the-go brewing just couldn't keep up. In late 2015, Alan began designing and prototyping his own version of a portable coffee maker; one that didn't compromise the coffee quality for the sake of portability.

Crowdfunding Success

After a few rounds of prototyping and lots of feedback from coffee and camping forums, Pascal Press was ready to be shared with the world. In June 2016, Pascal Press was launced on Kickstarter. The response was overwhelming, and the fundraising goal of $40,000 was easily surpassed. In 30 days, Pascal Press raised $61,000 from 865 pre-order customers from over 20 countries around the world.

Perfect Coffee, Now Portable

Thanks to the funds raised on Kickstarter, the design of Pascal Press was refined and perfected. Less than one year after the Kickstarter campaign, Pascal Press was released to market. Staying true to the original goal, Pascal Press allows coffee lovers to brew a high quality coffee and take it with them on-the-go. Alan is still hard at work experimenting with coffee brewing methods and hopes to release more products to match the tastes of all coffee connoisseurs.

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