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Introducing Pascal Press

Pascal Press is an all-in-one pressure brewer and travel mug designed for on-the-go coffee lovers. Combining a full immersion steep with a pressurized press, Pascal Press can make a smooth and strong coffee in as little as a minute. As you press, our patented flow-tube design separates the brewed coffee from the used coffee grounds to prevent overbrewing. When you're done your first cup and ready to brew again, cleaning out the old grounds is a breeze. Pascal Press is a truly portable coffee press.

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A full immersion steep combined with a pressurized press lets you brew a smooth and strong coffee in as little as a minute.


Separated grounds stops your coffee from overbrewing. The coffee you press is the coffee you taste, all day.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning has never been easier. Simply, tap out the grounds and you're ready to brew again.

What do experts think of Pascal Press?

"Pascal Press makes brewing specialty coffee seem almost as easy as instant"


"Pascal Press is so simple, it's a surprise no one has thought of it before"


"Pascal Press sets out to make the backcountry coffee experience even better"


"Pascal Press is ambitious, and addresses a number of factors that can affect a cup of coffee"

– Barista Magazine